NVIDIA's announces the availability of CULA

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NVIDIA's announces the availability of CULA

Postby kyle » Mon Aug 17, 2009 7:59 am

NVIDIA Press Release
[quote]SANTA CLARA, Calif. —Aug. 17, 2009—EM Photonics today released a beta version of CULA, an implementation of the industry-standard LAPACK linear algebra library designed and optimized for NVIDIA’s massively parallel CUDA™-enabled graphics processing units (GPUs).

The millions of developers that rely on LAPACK routines for solving problems ranging from computational physics and structural mechanics to electronic design automation can now get up to a 10X boost in performance over a single quad-core CPU1 by using NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs in their workstation or datacenter.

"One promising evolutionary path of high-performance computing architectures is a hybrid system consisting of multi-core CPUs and many core GPUs," said Professor Satoshi Matsuoka, of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. "LAPACK is key for many scientific applications, so a CUDA-optimized implementation will significantly broaden the appeal of hybrid systems in science and engineering, giving them a strong competitive edge over competing architectures"

“We began a partnership with NASA Ames Research Center to create GPU-accelerated linear algebra libraries in 2007,â€
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