Does CULA R16a release support PGI Fortran Interface?

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Does CULA R16a release support PGI Fortran Interface?

Postby Tomek » Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:05 am

I just recently bought a EVGA GeForce GTX 680. CUDA-capable device with 4 GB of on-board memory. My intention was to upgrade my hardware platform to the new one (Kepler-based device, Intel Core i7-3930K processor). I’m running Visual Studio 2008, and use PGI Visual Fortran Compiler ver 13.2 and the latest CULA Dense release (CULA Dense R16a Full Edition). When I recompiled my old codes the compiler reported the following error

Unable to open MODULE file cula_lapack_device_pgfortran.mod

The application I’ve tried to compile calls the CULA_DEVICE_ZGESV routine in Win7 (64-bit). The same compiler error was reported when the routine CULA_ZGESV was called. Finally, I 've tried to compile the example application fortranPGICutInterface.cuf you’ve included in the Examples folder, and again the same compiler error is reported. I go deeper into the problem and check the linking to the library libcula_lapack_pgfortran.lib. Suprisingly I can’t find it in folder …\CULA\R16\lib64\. Don’t I need it anymore? In spite of everything, I assuemed that I need it, so I try to compile the soures included in folder Include, hoping it helps. This time the compiler reported the error

Cannot open input file ‘libcula_lapack_pgfortran.lib’

Where did I go wrong? Is there something more I should know about the latest CULA release? What about linking to library resources? I’d like to add that there isn’t any problems when using CULA R14 Dense Full Edition and PGI Visual Fortran Compiler ver 12.10.
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Re: Does CULA R16a release support PGI Fortran Interface?

Postby john » Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:09 am

In R16 we fully restructured our Fortran support. The implicit calling method was removed, as it caused quite a few more problems than it solved. The current method uses ISO_C_BINDING and is located in the include/ folder. This allows Fortran programs to be linked using the same linker flags as C programs.

Basically you want to make sure that the include/ folder is in your include path settings, and that you link cula_lapack.lib
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Re: Does CULA R16a release support PGI Fortran Interface?

Postby ahmedt » Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:54 pm

I have a simple question. I wonder if you could make it easier for me and answer it here.

What should I type when using PGI Cmd(64) to include the folder you are talking about and to link cula_lapack.lib.

I have searched everywhere to get the "fortranPGICutInterface.cuf" code working, and I tried many trials and just can not get it to link to any libraries through PGI...

Please post the exact commands that I need to type, I am really confused.

Thank you in advance

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