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PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2014 8:46 am
by gregk
In my institution we are still using S4 version of CULA.

What i want to do is to store the total solving time that CULA needs in order to solve a matrix.
After each Solver call i am trying to access the CULA_ITERATIVE_RESULT structure and print any of the types included in there but i get null values.
I've tried accessing other components as well, like the %iterations, %flag, %code but they are all empty.

The most weird part is that the iterative_result_string() function which uses the iterative_result as an input and successfully produces the result buffer for printing.

Assuming that
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I am trying to access inner structure components like that:
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write(*,*) culares%iterations
write(*,*) culares%flag
write(*,*) culares%code
!or the timings
write(*,*) culares%timing%total

Everything returns 0

Am i doing a mistake? Or is there another way to access the components