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GMRES(m) in CULA Sparse S4

PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 2:43 am
by gregk
i could make my question, in my previous topic, but this time is quite more general and i thought that this will might help other users too.

So i am using GMRES(m) as my iterative solve, and i noticed that in Cula_Result the solver is mentioned as GMRES(5). From my knowledge i expect that this m must be the restarts defined in the Gmres_SolverOpts, but i've tried a lot of values for restart and that GMRES(5) stays the same.

So my question is : Does CULA interally increase this m until it accomplishes the required convergence? Or in other words: Where can i see on which restart GMRES converged?

Thanks in advance

Re: GMRES(m) in CULA Sparse S4

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2013 6:21 am
by john
I can't readily comment on S4 any further, but would be curious to see if this problem exists when you try S5.

In general though, m is the value for "restart" in the GMRES options. In S5 (can't recall about S4), "iterations" were defined as the number of restarts.