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invalid device function

PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 2:49 pm
by donutz
I'm trying to use software that relies on CULA dense R11, although later versions *may* work too. But I can't seem to get CULA set up correctly. Once installed, I've tried running a few of the examples but always get the 'invalid device function' error. It directs me to the Programmer's Guide, but I can't find anything in there suggesting a fix.

I've installed into /local since I'm using my advisor's (RedHat Linux) server and don't have admin privileges. Running the versioncheck script gives me:

Detecting software versions:
- CULA: 11.0
- CUDA Runtime: 3.2
- CUDA Driver: 5.5
- CUBLAS Runtime: 3.2

Version check passed

The GPU device is a NVIDIA Quadro K2000

Is this a problem of older software and newer harder?