Am I allowed to use CULA Dense Free Edition?

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Am I allowed to use CULA Dense Free Edition?

Postby zoidberg » Sun Jan 12, 2014 11:43 am

I would like to test CULA Dense Free Edition for private use, but With the potential of monetary gain, by analyzing and "trading" stocks and similar on my own account.

The License agreement mentions
"b) sell, license, transfer, rent, loan, perform, modify, reproduce, distribute or disclose the Software (in whole or in part and whether done independently or as part of a compilation) for a Commercial Purpose;"

I am not planning to sell, license, ... , except maybe "perform". Does "perform" here mean "run"/"execute"?
As a non-native English speaker without legal training this is not so easy to decode :-)

I am happy for anyone to reply, but especially hope for a reply from someone at EM Photonics.

PS To Kyle (admin): In Your "README: General CULA Discussion Forum " post you write: "Before posting here, please be sure you have read and agreed to the rules of the CULA Forums.". However, the link to the rules is broken, hope I don't break any :-)
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