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CULA 1.1a Released!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2009 8:48 am
by john
We have released CULA version 1.1a, which is a service release to CULA 1.1. This contains several important bugfixes and should be used in favor of 1.1. From the release notes:
  • Benchmark example easier to use and provides more user control
  • System info script ( now properly reports GPU on 195-series driver
  • All error codes are thorougly described in the Programmer's Guide
  • OS X builds now no longer reference unnecessary external libraries
  • All routines properly accept job codes in both upper- and lower-case
  • Fixed potential infinite loop when allocating mixed-precision data
  • Now reporting host out-of-memory condition as culaInsufficientMemory
  • RHEL 4.7 builds include proper dependent libraries
  • Fixed cudaDeviceMalloc underallocates for non-float data types

This new package can be found at our downloads page: