CULA Dense R17 and CULA Sparse S5 Now Available

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CULA Dense R17 and CULA Sparse S5 Now Available

Postby john » Fri May 10, 2013 8:06 am

We've issued new versions of our CUDA 5.0 series of dense and sparse libraries. Please be advised that both versions contain breaking changes (described below).

CULA Sparse brings a large range of new features, including CPU solvers, user-defined preconditioners, approximate inverse preconditioners, and matrix-free solvers. A more flexible plan-based interface has been made as the new default interface to allow these features, and this allows for other benefits such as CULA caching the matrix data for repeated runs. The previous interface has been moved to cula_sparse_legacy.h.

Both Dense and Sparse contain changes that will require some modification to build scripts. The cula_core sub-library has been removed, making each library fully standalone. In addition, both versions now use external linkage for their OpenMP runtimes - this will prevent the prior conflicts that have arisen when mixing CULA calls into OpenMP parallel segments.

As always, please see the respective download pages to retrieve the software, manuals, and full release notes.
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