Not enough HPC programmers. How to fill the gap?

by Liana

Engineers with top notch parallel programming experience are highly in demand in the U.S.  This fact was recently pointed out in stories published by the mainstream Daily Beast, as well as HPC Wire. A quote from Stan Ahalt in the Daily Beast story caught my attention: “It’s not enough to keep building powerful supercomputers unless we have the brains. Think of a supercomputer as a very fast racing engine. We need more drivers to use those engines." Stan is the director of a supercomputing center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Programming supercomputers is hard work. Those involved in programming large HPC systems go through in-depth training and spend months (sometimes years) fine-tuning their algorithms until they are fully leveraging the massive computing power these machines offer. There is a growing number of tools and libraries for HPC programmers, but not necessarily suitable for all levels of computer engineers. For non HPC-experts, programming small to mid-scale systems can be a pretty challenging and time-consuming task, something we hear quite often from our customers and partners.

Where EM Photonics Can Make a Difference

Companies with recently installed small- to mid-scale supercomputing systems often need help porting their applications to their new machines. This is where we bring tremendous value. We are easy to engage with and offer in-depth understanding of parallel architectures. On top of parallel programming expertise, we bring knowledge and experience in physics-based modeling and simulation, image processing, life sciences, finance, military and defense applications. (Typically, the bigger the problem, the greater the fun!)

We encourage you to take a peak at our EM Photonics site to learn more about our consulting services, as well as current research projects and published papers. We have a team of talented engineers looking forward to tackling new challenges. Just let us know how we can help!

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