Introducing the CULA Sparse Demo

by Dan

We are very pleased to announce that we have recently released a free demo for CULA Sparse. This demo is manifested in a standalone, command line driven program with which you can choose your options and see the performance for a particular routine. All solvers and most features that are provided by CULA Sparse are supported.

For example, to run the demo with a cg solver and jacobi preconditioner, you can use the command below. The demo accepts matrices that are in the matrix market format (.mtx). For information on this format, see the resources provided by this NIST site.

iterativeBenchmark solver=cg preconditioner=jacobi A=myfile.mtx b=ones tolerance=1e-5

The CULA Sparse demo is powerful because it allows you to easily try our several different solvers, preconditioners, and other features without coding or building any software. And once you’ve found out the combination of inputs that is ideal for you, you can easily transition this knowledge into your CULA Sparse implementation.

Download the CULA Sparse demo today and see how our GPU-accelerated solvers can work for you.

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