CULA Sparse Beta 2

by John

CULA Sparse Beta 2 is undergoing final packaging and testing to be sent out to our Beta testers very soon. This is a Feature update, with the following changes:

  • Added the BiCGSTAB solver
  • Added the BiCGSTAB(L) solver
  • Complex (Z) data types available for all solvers
  • Fortran module added
  • Configuration parameter to return best experienced solution
  • Maximum runtime configuration parameter
  • New example for Fortran interface
  • New example for MatrixMarket data
  • Several important bug fixes, as noted by the Beta testers

This release also contains the first steps towards interoperability with CULA for dense linear algebra, which some hybrid methods require. A user will now need to link cula_core and cula_sparse rather than just the sparse lib. Full interoperability will require CULA R13, which is also coming soon.

We are still accepting Sparse Beta applications, so register soon!

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