Microway’s GPU workstation now available with CULA R12, free copy!

by Liana

Today we announced a reseller partnership with Massachussets-based Microway, a major hardware vendor in the HPC market.

Designed from the ground up for ultimate customer satisfaction, the WhisperStation™-Tesla Personal Supercomputer integrates NVIDIA Tesla Fermi C2075 GPUs.

A true value added vendor, Microway is going to help us make CULA even more accessible to developers, scientists, and researchers.

To get our partnership off to a great start, we are offering a copy of CULA R12 free of charge with the purchase of their GPU desktop machine WhisperStation.

Entirely customized, Microway's WhisperStation machines are available with up to four NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, one or two Intel Xeon CPU(s), up to 96 GB memory, and up to four 3 TB disk drives. It can be ordered directly from Microway, but keep in mind that this offer ends on December 31st and is valid only in the U.S. and Canada.

This is what Stephen Fried, CTO of Microway, had to say about it:

“GPU-accelerated WhisperStations and clusters integrated with CULA keep Microway’s customers on the leading edge of performance. Customers can achieve significant speedups simply by replacing their existing linear algebra functionality with CULA, whether it is currently provided by a library or not. We are very pleased to offer our customers CULAtools because it has such broad applicability in fields as diverse as finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, life sciences, and financial analysis.”

We certainly hope users will take advantage of this opportunity and join our CULA user community for the long haul.

Read our press release for more details.

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