User Spotlight: Mark van Heeswijk, Aalto University

by Liana

Today we are putting a spotlight on Mark van Heeswijk, a postgraduate researcher at Aalto University in Finland.

Heeswijk’s main research interest is in the field of high-performance computing and machine learning. In particular, how techniques and hardware from high-performance computing can be applied to meet the challenges one has to deal with in machine learning.  His current work consists of training multiple neural networks, each on their own GPU.  The particular models used in this work are a type of feedforward neural network, called Extreme Learning Machine (ELM).

How CULA has helped

“Using the CULA library, the training and model structure selection of the models can be accelerated. The training can be expressed in terms of CULA operations (with some trick to avoid needing the matrix inverse which is not part of the CULA basic package). The parallelization over multiple GPUs is achieved by combining mex-wrapped CULA with the MATLAB Parallel Computing Toolbox, and binding each of the MATLAB workers to its own GPU. Specifically, the (culaGesv) and (culaGels) functions were used, and wrappers around these functions were written, such that they can be used from MATLAB in the training and model structure selection of the ELM. This way all CULA operations within that worker will operate on that GPU. “

The paper illustrates the effect of both types of parallelization on the total running time of the algorithm.  You will find the abstract and link for the paper in our Research Papers section.

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