CULA Sparse Beta Released

by Liana

Another big milestone achieved by our CULA team today: CULA Sparse Beta is now available!

We have just sent out emails to all of those who have signed up to participate in the Beta Program and will be looking forward to receiving their feedback on the work we have done so far. We want to hear about the problems that they are able to solve, what necessary functionality is missing in our package, how easy it was to use our library, etc.  In return for their feedback and suggestions, we will give participants a 25% discount when the final version is released, should they wish to buy a license.

If you would like to test our Sparse solvers, we are still accepting registrations.  When you sign up,  please provide as much information as possible.  You can read a previous post to learn all of the details on what this version includes, but here is a quick list of what you will find in this first release:

  • Cg, BiCg, and GMRES solvers
  • CSC, CSR, COO storage formats
  • Jacobi, Block Jacobi, ILU0 preconditioners
  • Double precision only
  • GPU solvers only
  • A single, C-style simple interface that is suitable for initial testing
  • Support for all the standard CUDA platforms; Linux 32/64, Win 32/64, OSX

Thanks everyone for participating and stay tuned for updates!

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