User Spotlight: Andrzej Karwowski, Ph.D, D.Sc.

by Liana

From left to right are Dr. Topa, Dr. Karwowski, and Dr. Noga, members of the GPU Computing Team at the Silesian University of Technology in Poland.

Today, we are putting a spotlight on Dr. Andrzej Karwowski and his colleagues Dr. Tomasz Topa and Dr. Artur Noga of the GPU computing group at the Silesian University of Technology, Poland.

Dr. Karwowski is with the Department of Electronics, where he currently holds a position of Professor and is a leader of the Radioelectronics group.  Dr. Topa and Dr. Noga are Faculty members who have been working closely with Professor Karwowski. Most of the group's work is the fields of computational electromagnetics (CEM), electromagnetic compatibility, antennas and wireless communication. Recently, the focus is on creating GPU-based low-cost hardware platforms for computational electromagnetics (CEM). Dr. Karwowski and the other researchers are examining the possibilities of accelerating the full-wave method of moments (MoM) by employing CUDA-capable GPUs.

How CULA has helped

“We used CULA in the context of numerical modeling and analysis of electromagnetic radiation and scattering with the use of the so-called method of moments (MoM). Roughly speaking, this latter consists in constructing and then solving a matrix equation that describes a system in question. The key problem here is that even relatively simple structures generate complex-valued dense system matrices whose size can be of the order of thousands. With the use of LU factorization routine available in CULA we were able to offload to the GPU the most intensive computations required for the solution of the matrix equation thus attaining noticeable speedup of MoM simulations,” said Dr. Karwowski.

The group has recently published two papers that we suggest reading if you are also looking to accelerate your MoM simulations on CUDA.  You will find the abstracts and links for both papers under our Research Papers section.

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