Featured on CUDA Spotlight: John Humphrey

by Liana

John Humphrey, GPU Computing Team Leader

When Calisa Cole from NVIDA contacted me asking if she could feature John Humphrey on their CUDA Spotlight series, I got pretty excited.  "What a great opportunity for John to share about the work he and his team are doing on computational fluid dymanics for the NAVY," I thought.

Most people know us for CULA and our CUDA training program. We do so much more at EM Photonics!  I hope you will enjoy reading John's interview with Calisa, and learning more about this particular CFD-related project he is leading. Below is just a snapshot of how the interview went:

NVIDIA: One of your current projects is an aircraft carrier landing modeling system for the US Navy. Tell us about it.
John: The Navy has a strong desire for CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modeling for a number of reasons. Foremost among these is to be confident of the safety of both aircraft and pilot. For each vessel and aircraft pair, there are tables describing the difficulty of landings and takeoffs based on a large number of variables, such as light conditions, wind speed and direction, and approach angle.

We welcome you to read the entire interview and share your comments here!

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