CULA Roadmap for CUDA 4.0

by John

CUDA 4.0 was released to Registered Developers recently, and so we are getting many questions about the CULA release schedule for CUDA 4.0. As you may know, each release of CULA is tightly tied to a particular version of CUDA. CULA R11 will be released next week and will be the final CULA release based on CUDA 3.2. We have gone over many of the new features for R11 in this blog post, so I won't repeat them here. These new features come, as always, with speed improvements and various other improvements.

The big question is when you can expect a CUDA 4.0 build of CULA. CULA is passing all of our testing on CUDA 4.0 and is ready to go! We are merely waiting on the final CUDA 4.0 build to go to full public release. Why not release now? Since CUDA is a private/beta release presently, we cannot package into CULA the necessary files from the CUDA toolkit, so users of this release would need to be registered developers themselves with the proper version of the CUDA 4.0 toolkit installed. And the intent of this period is that NVIDIA can release updates as often as they deem necessary, and we would need to update CULA for each of those. CUDA 4.0 is essentially a moving target for right now. But rest assured, a CULA release will be available very shortly after CUDA 4.0 goes public!

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