New Version Numbering Scheme

by John

With the upcoming new version of CULA, I would like to take a moment to announce that we will be changing the way we number our versions. CULA version numbers have gotten confusingly close to CUDA version numbers, and we often find ourselves writing sentences such as "CULA 2.2 is compatible with CUDA 3.1." Admittedly that's a mouthful, and so we will be from now on using a new naming scheme where each new release of CULA is an increasing integer number. As this coming release is our tenth (not counting beta/preview and small bug patches), it will be referred to as CULA R10. In general, we will also affix the CUDA version so it is quite obvious which CUDA version it is intended to work with. So the full title of the next version is to be CULA R10 (CUDA 3.2) and will contain the banded solvers and speedups that we have previously previewed under the name CULA 2.2.

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