Day 2 at SC10

by Liana

John Humphrey, lead of our GPU computing team

It was a very busy second day for us here in New Orleans!   One of the first highlights of the day was John Humphrey's presentation at the Exhibitor Forums, which was attended by 100 people or more.

John talked about CULA's latest performance numbers, the future plans for the software, and he also discussed the work we're currently doing with Sparse Solvers.  There were a lot of questions about CULA and OpenCL, CULA's performance in a heterogeneous multicore environment, what to expect for the upcoming releases, how we benchmark CULA today, and when to expect an update on the Sparse library project.  They were all great questions and John will soon be writing a post to share more with you. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to tell us what you would like to see in the next CULA release by sending us questions and your feedback through our contact page.

Another highlight of the day were the many international HPC vendors that stopped by our booth to learn about our Reseller Program.  In my view, driving the interest of companies in partnering with us are the users!  Many users in Russia, Brazil, Japan and other countries cannot purchase directly through us so they approach HPC companies in hope they are part of the CULA Reseller Channel Program.  This is all good news and we hope to see our international sales channel grow in 2011.

The EM Photonics team hanging out at the CRAY-AMD reception

Our day ended at the reception hosted by CRAY and AMD, which was, as you can imagine, very crowded.  We sure enjoyed the food, drinks and connecting with people we had not seen in a while.

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