GPU Computing in Matlab

by John

One of the big announcements at GTC was Matlab's integrated GPU computing toolbox and this generated considerable buzz. And one of the questions we receive most often is regarding the potential for Matlab to experience speedups from GPU computing. Matlab is one of those great products in terms of usability but the most common complaint is that it's too slow, so GPUs are an obvious fit here. Our friends over at Accelereyes have put together a nice summary on the state of GPU computing in Matlab, and we wanted to share that. For the advanced CULA and Matlab users out there, it is also worth checking out our recent blog series where we describe the process of manually integrating CULA routines into Matlab code.

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  1. Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!

  2. how does CULA in Matlab differ from Matlab’s own initiative to support CUDA

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