CULA Team Working with University of Delaware

by Liana

John Humphrey of EM Photonics working with Dr. Michela Taufer's group at UD

Last week we announced a partnership with the Global Computing Lab at the University of Delaware for a  GPU-related initiatives with the Air Force.  You may have already seen the news on HPCWire or InsideHPC blog, but we wanted to share here what makes this project exciting for us.

This project entails the development of innovative parallel algorithms for scientific computing, modeling and simulation for a multi-GPU, multi-node environment. Air Force applications to benefit from this research include electromagnetic modeling, computational fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, and radiation transport, to name a few. This work will run on the University's largest GPU machine, which features the  NVIDIA's Tesla-brand Fermi GPU computing technology.  The CULA library is going to be a direct beneficiary of this work!

As a University of Delaware Alumni, John Humphrey, who will be speaking about CULA at GTC 2010, understands the impact of such a project for university students that are seeking hands-on GPU experience while getting their degree. Speaking about this project, John said, "This is a valuable opportunity for EM Photonics. We have successfully collaborated in the past with Dr. Taufer’s Group and their familiarity with our CULA library adds great value to this project. We look forward to extending our work in dense matrix solvers on multiple GPUs, as well as researching the feasibility of multi-GPU sparse solvers."

The story was also featured on UDaily and we look forward to sharing the results of this work in a few months! Stay tuned for more!

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