CUDA Certification and EM Photonics Training

by Dan

Last month NVIDIA unveiled their CUDA certification program. This is exciting news because many of our CULA users and training customers have been asking for an official recognition to signify their CUDA experience. Having been GPU developers for over 5 years, we're excited to see the field maturing to this level.

Alongside the announcement of the certification program was the unveiling of the official syllabus for the CUDA certification exam. We're happy to say that our course covers all of the expected topics as well as many more! Not only do we cover the fundamentals as outlined in this syllabus, but we've created several modules that allow us to tailor our course to your specific needs. Are you doing high-performance image processing? We've got you covered. Scientific computing with a basis in linear algebra? We've got a module that covers all of the tools you'll need (especially CULA) to make your simulations run as fast as possible. Of course, if you're already experienced and you'd like to take your skills to the next level, we've got several advanced modules just for people like you.

If you'd like more information about our training program, send us a note.

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