CULA Tools Website Redesign

by CULA Dev Team

Greetings CULA users!  I'm sure you've noticed our recently revamped webpage to correspond with the soon-to-be-released CULA 2.0. Let me take a minute to run you through the new features:

1) New forum software. We've changed our forum software to the tried-and-tested phpBB3. These widely used forums are much more powerful than our previous offering. They have much better support for RSS feeds, private messaging, file attachment, user management, search engine indexing, and code snippet support. We feel that they'll improve the user experience of interacting directly with the CULA team. Additionally, we have opened a new forum known as the "Private Support" forum. This area is designed as a support section for CULA Premium users. Here, your posts are only visible to yourself and the developers so you can ask questions without being visible to the entire internet.

2) New blog software. We've also upgraded our blog software to the incredibly versatile WordPress. This popular blogging software features a vastly improved comment system, post tags, and blog-to-blog communication. Expect many more blog updates in the near future!

3) New membership software. We are using new software to manage CULA Premium and Academic subscriptions. This new software should streamline the sign-up, renewal, and download process. Additionally, we've upgraded to an encrypted web server to take accept secure credit card payments without leaving our webpage.

4) Updated content. We've begun to update a number of the content pages here as well. For example, the performance page, now includes updated Fermi performance using CULA 2.0. We'll be adding a lot more information in the following weeks as well.

Thanks for reading. Please take a few minutes to browse the new webpage and let us know what you think!