CULA 1.3

by Dan

A month and a half after the release of 1.2, we're ready to release CUDA 1.3.  Whereas other releases have targeted new features, this release focused on performance.  The functions that received performance gains in 1.3 were chosen based on the interesting dialogues we've had with system integrators and forum users.  If you have a need that isn't currently being met by CULA, let us know about it in the forums; we're always listening.

In this release, the performance of system solve and related factorizations were increased by up to 50%.  These routines include GESV, GETRS, POSV, POTRF, and TRTRS.  CULA 1.3 is a recommended upgrade for all CULA users and system integrators.  As always, let us know how it works for you!

Many of our forum users have been asking about whether or not CULA can be used with the recently released CUDA 3.0.  The answer is yes -- you can install a CUDA 3.0 driver as long as you use the CUDA 2.3 runtime provided in our lib/bin folders rather than the one in the CUDA 3.0 toolkit.

We wanted to let users know that CULA 1.3 will be the last release in the CUDA 2.3 series and we will provide a CUDA 3.0 targeted release soon.

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