Academic FAQ

What is the CULA Academic Edition?

The CULA Academic Edition includes both CULA Dense and CULA Sparse and is intended for use in academia. All functionality from the paid packages is included with the exception of premium support and redistribution.

Who is eligible for the free CULA Academic Edition?

A single-user, single-machine license is available to any student, professor, or researcher who wishes to use the CULA software libraries for personal usage or research. Use your academic email address when completing our signup forum to be eligible for purchase.

Can I install the CULA Academic Edition on my cluster?

The license for CULA Academic only allows for the installation of the software for one user on a single machine. Therefore, installing the CULA Academic Edition across the cluster is prohibited. However, if you wish to install CULA Academic on a single node for a single user, this is allowed.

How can I obtain a multi-node, multi-use license for my academic based cluster?

Please contact us directly to purchase CULA at an academic discount of $95 per node. Further discounts are available for academic site licenses.

I wish to cite CULA in paper or publication, what should I use?

Great! Please use our most recent main publication:

J. R. Humphrey, D. K. Price, K. E. Spagnoli, A. L. Paolini, E. J. Kelmelis, "CULA: Hybrid GPU Accelerated Linear Algebra Routines," SPIE Defense and Security Symposium (DSS), April, 2010.